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What's on Tap?

(GR) = Gluten Reduced by Fermentation

Kittocton Kölsch (4.6% ABV): A delicate brew that is a very easy drinking beer with a light fruity aroma and a soft maltiness with a light bittering that lingers into the finish.(GR)

Uber Weisse Berliner Weisse (5% ABV):  A A traditional German sour beer that's quite tart balanced by a raspberry puree...great thirst quencher during the summer months! 

Morning Wood Golden Lager (5.0% ABV) : A Golden crisp lager that is very refreshing.  It has a slight grainy flavor and wonderful body from the Danish yeast we use.  Effervescent and easy drinking!

Tangerine Pale Ale (5% ABV): Our classic Hop Dog Pale Ale with a zest of fresh tangerine.

Copperhead IPA (6%) : This is a lighter IPA packed with El Dorado & Bergamot hops which provides a pronounced orange citrus flavor with just a little bite at the end!

G.O.A.T Maibock (7% ABV) : A golden malty clean German beer made to celebrate spring and be ready to drink by May.  Well balance between malt and hops with a grainy toasty flavor from Vienna and Munich malts.  Finishes dry and smooth. Prost!

Honey Hole - Brown Ale (5.6% ABV): An American brown ale with moderate hop flavor and bitterness but well rounded by the use of local honey in the fermenter and just prior to kegging giving it the touch of sweetness needed for balance. Chocolatey and toaty with a light tan head...Pooh Bear would approve!!

Tin Whistle Dry Irish Stout (4.6% ABV): light bodied easy drinking stout with a nice roasty flavor and moderate bitterness sporting a light brown creamy head...Delicious!

Monk’s Delight Belgian Single (4.7%  ABV):   Trappist Monk’s make a small beer, low in alcohol, for themselves to enjoy.  Also known as a table beer, it has a mild malty flavor & nose with a moderate bitterness and noble hop flavor complimented by some spiciness from the Belgian yeast.  Very easy drinking… just ask the monks.

Lost City IPA (7.6% ABV): Our version of a New England IPA with all the classic fruity hops and the use of a clean yeast that results in a crisp, clean, and fruity IPA.

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