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About Barnhouse Brewery

In 2011 we began planning this adventure, to begin on a small scale, to learn as we go, with minimal risk, and very little infrastructure.  In 2012, Barnhouse Brewery opened to the public with a 16-seat tasting room underneath the back of the Knoell’s private residence in Lucketts, Virginia. The response to the quality of the beers was overwhelming. So planning began in 2014 to open a farm brewery under the newly passed Virginia farm brewery laws in order to expand the brewery and tasting room capacities.  In late 2014, the Knoell’s purchased an 18-acre farmette, also in Lucketts, Virginia, and we temporarily suspended business operations as the new facility was being built. Barnhouse Brewery re-opened on May 7, 2016.    


Our goals are simple ones: brew great beer that people like, meet and get to know the people that drink your beer, use local ingredients when possible, and provide a setting that people will enjoy and want to come back to again.  To meet these goals, we brew small, handcrafted batches supporting the craft beer enthusiast and regional community.  We invite you to our farm brewery and tasting room to enjoy these great beers.  

Meet the Brewer

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Roger Knoell

Roger started homebrewing over 20 years ago like most brewers do... from a homebrewing kit.  He quickly moved into all grain brewing and worked hard to master the art and science of brewing.  He eventually realized that he could learn a great deal more by getting involved with other local homebrewers which led to his involvement with the Frederick Original Ale Makers (FOAM) in Frederick, Maryland which is supported by a great homebrew shop, The Flying Barrel.  Along the way, he developed a local "following" of friends and neighbors who eventually convinced him to give this a try (don't get him wrong it was a dream of his for a long time).  His focus is on brewing good, easy drinking beers with less emphasis on using odd ingredients.  Roger continually strives to foster "local" in all aspects of his brewing.  He spear-headed the effort to establish our 140-plant hop yard which we plan to continually expand.  Roger is also a BJCP-certified beer judge.​

Meet the Owners


Left to Right

Rob Larrick

Amy Larrick

Christine Knoell

Roger Knoell

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