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Kittocton Kölsch ™


Our signature beer, Kolsch is a delicate beer that is very easy drinking.  It has a light, fruity aroma (apples or pear to most people); and a soft maltiness, with a very mild hop bitterness that lingers into the finish, resulting in a very clean beer.  We ferment cool with German Kolsch yeast that is key to getting this unique profile.


Style : Kolsch

Alc.  : 4.2%     IBUs 25    SRM 4

Hops : Tettnang, Hallertau

Malts : Kolsch, Wheat

Harvest Hefe ™


This is Bavarian style beer that is light, refreshing, and enjoyed in the summertime.  The signature of a Hefeweizen is its distinctive banana and clove aroma and fruity flavors from the yeast.  It is also cloudy due to the use of wheat malt and yeast left in suspension.

Style : German Hefeweizen

Alc.  : 4.7%     IBUs 13    SRM 3

Hops : Saaz

Malts : Pilsner, Wheat

Chesapeake Cream Ale ™


We make our cream ale just like the german immigrant brewers did back in the day, by using corn in a “cereal mash”.  We grind dent corn from a local farm into grits and then boil it before adding it to the main mash.  The resulting beer is very light and refreshing with a slight corn sweetness in the flavor and a subdued hop presence to let the graininess come through. 



Style : Cream Ale

Alc.  : 4.6%     IBUs 19    SRM 4

Hops : Perle, Saaz

Malts : Pilsner, Caravienna, Corn

Breakfast Bitter ™  

This is a classic English session ale that sports some light caramel notes along with an earthy bitterness from traditional English hops.


Style : English Ordinary Bitter

Alc.  : 3.8%     IBUs 30    SRM 4

Hops : Perle, Fuggles

Malts : Pale, Wheat, Medium Crystal

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