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Hop Dog Pale Ale ™


American Pale Ales can run the gamit from somewhat malty but bitter with subdued hop aromas to significant hop bitterness, flavor, and aromas.  We typically fall on the hoppier side with generous amounts of Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops supported by a malt bill of domestic 2 row pale malt with a touch of medium crystal malt.  We dry hop with Citra and Cascade hops (from our own vines when available).  The result is a moderate citrusy hop aroma (somewhat tropical from the Citra), with citrusy hop flavors and a body on the lighter side that is refreshing anytime.


Style : American Pale Ale

Alc.  : 5%     IBUs 43    SRM 7

Hops : Columbus, Cascade,Centennial, Citra

Malts : Pale, Crystal, Caravienna

Dogwood IPA ™


This is a “West Coast” IPA with a strong malt presence to balance the bounty of hops used.  We first start by wort hopping with Warrior and then “continuously” hopping with a mix of Cascade, Simcoe, and Columbus during a 60 minute boil, and then finish with Amarillo hops.  We don’t stop there, we dry hop after fermentation with Chinook.

The result is a big, bold IPA with a significant but satisfying bitter finish!




Style : American IPA

Alc.  : 7%     IBUs 58    SRM 8

Hops : Warrior, Simcoe,Cascades, Columbus, Chinook

Malts : Pale, Munich, Caravienna, Crystal

Stormfront Black IPA ™


This is a variation of our Dogwood IPA.  We tweak the hop profile a bit and add Carafa black malt to the mix that results in a hoppy IPA with a touch of roast and a dry finish.  We bring it down in strength to make it a touch more “sessionable




Style : Black IPA

Alc.  : 6%     IBUs 57    SRM 30

Hops : Columbus, Cascade,Centennial, Belma

Malts : Pale, Crystal, Caravienna, Carafa

Cuttroat Common ™


This is a west coast style beer originating in San Francisco by Anchor Brewing Co. It typically is fermented with lager yeast that does well at moderate temperatures, but we ferment cool using ale yeast to achieve a similar crisp clean taste. It is unique in its use of U.S. Northern Brewer hops, having a minty/woody quality that when combined with simple malt bill produces an interestingly refreshing beer.



Style : California Common

Alc.  : 5%     IBUs 38    SRM 10

Hops : Columbus, Northern Brewer

Malts : Pale, Crystal

The Matriarch ™


This is a single malt, single hop brew.  We use 100% Vienna malt providing a strong malt backbone, and a relatively new hop,  Belma, that is characterized as a citrusy hop with strawberry and melon notes.  The result is a strong, hoppy beer with some alcohol warmth, a pleasant citrusy nose, and moderately light body


Style : Imperial American IPA

Alc.  : 8.2%     IBUs 70    SRM 10

Hops : Belma

Malts : Vienna

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