Brewing Operations at Barnhouse Brewery

We have over 20 years of brewing experience and we have tried many configurations for our brewing system over the years (RIMS, HERMS, and direct fire).  We eventually settled on direct fire and using separate mash and lauter tuns.


Direct fire has proven to be a great way to get consistent mash temperatures with no fear of burning wort (as is possible in a RIMS system...we know from personal experience) and easily supports our step mashing programs.  Our four vessel system (HLT, Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, and Kettle) also allows us to do decoction mashing or two separate mashes at the same time. 

We started on a small 20 gallon system and it served us well, but we eventually moved to a 2 barrel (BBL) system.  It still uses the same 4 vessel configuration and affords us the opportunity to grow and produce more beer so that we can have plenty to serve here!


As part of our expansion, we are close  to having our 7 BBL, steam fired system (with a jacketed mash tun to allow us to perform the step mash programs that make our beers great!) operational.  We will also leverage the 55 Gallon mash tuns from our 2 BBL system in conjunction with the 7 BBL system to act as decoction vessels to produce our traditional German hefeweizen (as well as using as a CIP system).


All our beers are expertly designed and hand crafted for your enjoyment. 

"Brewing is our passion and quality is paramount" 

Upcoming Hours of Operation

Friday, April 5th

4pm - 9pm

Saturday, April 6th

12pm - 8pm

(Food: BHB Menu)

Sunday, April 7th

1pm - 5pm

(Food: BHB Menu)​



Friday, April 12th

4pm - 9pm

Saturday, April 13th

12pm - 8pm

(Food: BHB Menu)

Sunday, April 14th

1pm - 5pm

(Food: BHB Menu)

Currently On Tap

Last Updated : 4/1/2019

  • Quarter Horse Porter

  • Serengeti Milk Stout

  • Hop Dog Pale Ale

  • Toasted American Brown Ale

  • Dogwood IPA

  • Wildfire Rauchbier*

  • Tangerine Pale Ale

  • Uber Dog South African Session IPA*

  • Barnhouse X (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

  • The Matriarch IIPA

  • Kittocton Kolsch

  • Banshee Irish Red

     *Recently Added

On Tap Soon...

  • Kilts Up Scottish Ale

  • Brut IPA

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43271 Spinks Ferry Road

Leesburg, Virginia 20176

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703 - 675- 8480

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