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What's on Tap?

(GR) = Gluten Reduced by Fermentation

Harvest Hefe (4.7% ABV): This is a classic German Hefeweizen (Wheat) beer with its signature banana and clove flavors.  Another light and refreshing ale

Uber Weisse Berliner Weisse (5% ABV):  A A traditional German sour beer that's quite tart balanced by a raspberry puree...great thirst quencher during the summer months! 

Barnhouse Bubbly - Watermelon (5.0% ABV) Our in-house made hard seltzer.  Flavors vary so check back to see what on tap

Hop Dog Pale Ale (5% ABV): Our classic Hop Dog Pale Ale loaded with the Columbus & Cascade hops and dry hopped with Citra.  Citrusy, piney, and Delicious!

Tangerine Pale Ale (5% ABV): Our classic Hop Dog Pale Ale with a zest of fresh tangerine.

Mountain Pass Pilsner (4.7%) : A traditional German lager with a slight grainy flavor and a nice mild bitterness into the finish.  Crisp with a dry finish and good carbonation make this a very refreshing beer.

G.O.A.T Maibock (7% ABV) : A golden malty clean German beer made to celebrate spring and be ready to drink by May.  Well balance between malt and hops with a grainy toasty flavor from Vienna and Munich malts.  Finishes dry and smooth. Prost!

Shenandoah Stout - American Stout (7% ABV): This is a robust American stout with bold flavors of chocolate and roast balanced by a fair amount of Cascade hops and moderate bitterness to boot! We also use Blackstrap Molasses for an extra bold flavor!!

Quarter Horse Porter (5%  ABV):   Our brown porter is full of chocolate flavor with a subtle roast flavor not as pronounced as a stout.  A moderate bitterness supports the malt and finishes slightly dry.

Lost City IPA (7.6% ABV): Our version of a New England IPA with all the classic fruity hops and the use of a clean yeast that results in a crisp, clean, and fruity IPA.

Barnhouse X (10.6%  ABV):  Our  Gold  Medal Winning Belgian Dark Strong Ale follows the same methods and simple recipe as the Trappist monasteries in Europe.  It has a wonderful bouquet of rich malt with raisin and plum notes and a dense light tan head.  It’s complex with a blend of dark fruit flavors, rich malty goodness, and spicy elements. Very smooth with some alcohol notes.

Kilt's Up Scottish Ale (5%  ABV):   Scottish ale tend to be sweeter using earthy hops and water higher in carbonate.  We vigorously boil to promote kettle caramelization and ferment on the cool side.

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