What's on Tap?

Kittocton Kolsch

Harvest Hefeweizen

The Matriarch Imperial IPA

Kilts Up Scottish Ale

Dogwood IPA

Barnhouse 10 Sour

Barnhouse X (Ten)

G.O.A.T. Miabock

Whisky Barrel-aged Shenandoah Stout

Voluptuous Vino Pale Ale

Music 2 My Beers New England IPA

Kittoctin Kölsch (4.2% ABV)

This is a delicate brew that is a very easy drinking beer with a light fruity aroma (apple\pear) and a soft maltiness with a light bittering that lingers into the finish. 


Harvest Hefe (4.7% ABV)

This is a classic German Hefeweizen (Wheat) beer with its signature banana and clove flavors. Anoth-er light and refreshing ale. 


Wheat... American Style (5% ABV)

A really light and refreshing ale with a slight wheat grainy flavor and clean bitterness from hops, a classic American style! 


Chesapeake Cream Ale (4.6% ABV)

We use ground grits from corn produced locally by Temple Hall Farm along with domestic 2-row barley and some light hopping to produce a smooth, easy drinking ale. 


Breakfast Bitter (3.8% ABV)

This is a classic English session ale that sports some light caramel notes along with an earthy bitterness from traditional English hops… a great way to start the day. 


Spinks Ferry Saison (5.8% ABV)

Very light and refreshing brew… pale straw color with some spiciness on the back end from the Saaz hops, Belgian yeast, and Grains of Paridise. An addition of Tangerine pit also lends a slight citrusy bite to it. 


Come Fly Wit Me (4.8% ABV)

Our Belgian wit is light and refreshing with a mild but distinct grainy flavor form the unmalted wheat and barley that are a majority of the grain. We lightly spice with Tangerine peel and Coriander and finish with Chamomile flowers for a little added complexity 


Hibiscus Saison (5.8% ABV)

Very light and refreshing brew… Wonderful pink color with floral aroma, a tart berry flavor with a wine like feel and some spiciness on the back end from the Saaz hops, Belgian yeast, and Grains of Paradise. An addition of Tan-gerine pith also lends a slight citrusy bite to it. (P) 


Spinks Ferry Saison with Lemongrass & Basil (5.8% ABV)

Very light and refreshing brew… pale straw color with some spici-ness on the back end from the Saaz hops, Belgian yeast, and Grains of Paridise. An addition of fresh lemongrass and basil from our garden give it a lemony nose complemented by a slight basil flavor 

Mountain Pass Pilsner (4.7% ABV)

This is a traditional German lager with a slight grainy flavor and a nice mild bitterness into the finish. Crisp with a dry finish and good carbonation make this a very refreshing beer. 

Dunkel Nacht Schwarzbier (5% ABV)

German for “black beer”, it’s really a dark pilsner that highlights light roastiness with some bittersweet chocolate overtones but balanced with the bitterness expected in a pilsner 


Wildfire Rauchbier (5.5% ABV)

Another German style that highlights beechwood smoked malt from Bamberg along with Munich malt produce a rich malty brew with a moderate smoke flavor that is a great starter rauch for those new to the smoked beer experience. 


The Kaiser’s Helles

A German light lager that a malt-forward brew with a bread-like malt character with some sweetness from the pilsner malt. (R) 


The Savior Doppelbock (7.7% ABV)

Malty and slightly sweet with some alcohol warmth, this brew will get you through the cold! Monks drank this style of beer to sustain them through the Lenten fast. It may have been their savior along with a lot of prayer! (P) 


Schrute’s Dunkel

Our Munich dunkel (dark lager) is smooth and crisp with malty bread-like notes that provide a touch of sweetness. Light bodied so it’s a very easy drinking beer. A tribute to our favorite beet farmer…Prost! (R) 

Quarter Horse Porter (5% ABV)

Our brown porter is full of chocolate flavor with a subtle roast flavor not as pronounced as a stout. A moderate bitterness supports the malt and finishes slightly dry. 


Shenandoah Stout (7% ABV)

A Strong American Stout that has plenty of flavor and body. Very roasty with some bitter-sweet chocolate notes and some residual sweetness from use of blackstrap molasses. 


Serengeti Milk Stout (6.5% ABV)

A full bodied milk stout (also known as a sweet stout) that is like drinking chocolate milk. We added roasted Cacao nibs from Ghana, Madagascar Vanilla, and toasted pecans. (R) 


Banshee Irish Red (5.5 ABV)

A malt focused easy drinking beer that exhibits some malt sweetness followed by some light roast and finishes somewhat dry. We use English Pale malt, a touch of crystal malt , roasted barley and English hops. 

Kilts Up Scottish Export 80 Shilling Ale (4.7% ABV)

Scottish ale tend to be sweeter using earthy hops and water higher in carbonate. We vigorously boil to promote kettle caramelization and ferment on the cool side. 


Piedmont Smoked Porter (5% ABV)

Our Porter with a fair amount of the base malt replaced with beechwood smoked malt from Bamberg resulting in a robust flavor and slight smokiness in the aftertaste.

Good Gourd O’Mighty Pumpkin Ale (6.3 % ABV)

This is our seasonal Pumpkin ale which we use English and Munich malts for a strong malty backbone along with fresh roasted local pumpkins . It’s moderately hopped but still balanced toward the malt. We “dry spice” the ale with cinnamon sticks and fresh sliced ginger 


Full Moon Tripel (9.5% ABV)

Our Belgian Tripel is light bodied with moderately high carbonation paired with Belgian spicy character from the yeast make this a very refreshing beer. We make our own “candi” sugar which is typical for this style to increase the alcohol. Go easy on this one or you’ll start howling at the moon! 


Monk’s Delight Belgian Single (4.7% ABV)

Trappist Monk’s make a small beer, low in alcohol, for themselves to enjoy. Also known as a table beer, it has a mild malty flavor & nose with a moderate bitterness and noble hop flavor complimented by some spiciness from the Belgian yeast. Very easy drinking… just ask the monks. 


Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Shenandoah Stout (9.5% ABV)

Our Strong American Stout aged for two months in a Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Whiskey barrel which mellows out the strong flavors of the stout and picks up the warmth of the whis-key and vanilla character from American oak. 

Bourbon Barrel Quarter Horse Porter (6% ABV)

Our brown porter aged in bourbon barrels . Aging brings out the vanilla from the oak and sweetness from the bourbon finishing with a slight alcohol warmth. (S)

Down Easter New England IPA (7% ABV)

This style originated in Vermont and highlight the use of wheat and oats in the grist, All hops additions during the whirlpool at the end making for a smooth bitterness, and an aggressive dry hopping schedule with hops that have more fruity flavors than citrus. 


Lazy Hazy New England IPA (7% ABV)

We use wheat and oats in the grist. All hops are added during the whirlpool at the end making for a smooth bitterness. An aggressive dry hopping schedule is used with hops that have more fruity than citrus fla-


Hop Dog Pale Ale (5% ABV)

Our pale ale is loaded with American Hops that provide a lot of citrus aroma and flavor. We then dry hop with Citra (tropical fruit flavors/aroma) to provide that extra kick of aroma and flavor. 

Dogwood IPA (7% ABV)

This is a “West Coast” IPA with a moderate malt presence to balance out the bounty of hops used. Columbus hops to start and then “continuously hop” with a mix of Cascade, Simcoe, And Columbus hops. We finish with El Do-rado and then dry hop with Cascade & Centennial... Hops abound! 


StormFront Black IPA (6% ABV)

Similar to our Dogwood IPA but with a slightly different mix of hops and uses a generous amount of dark roasted malt which provides a slightly roasty dry character supported by citrusy American hops. 


The Matriarch Imperial IPA (8.2% ABV)

This is a single malt and single hop brew. We use 100% Vienna malt providing a strong malt backbone and a relatively new hop called Belma that is characterized as a citrusy hop with strawberry and melon notes. The result is a strong hoppy brew with some alcohol warmth and a pleasant citrusy nose and moderately light body 


Polarization IPA (7.2% ABV)

A really great IPA with a ton of hops highlighting both Citra and Polaris . This unique blend give it a great citrusy, fruity, flavor with a slight minty edge from the Polaris hops. This is a collaboration with Loudoun Brewing Compa-


Town and Country Red Rye IPA (7% ABV)

If you like your IPA’s juicy fruity, then this beers for you. We heavily late and dry hop with Mosaic hops that provide a very fragrant and fruity flavor. A little rye gives it some zing. This is a collaboration with Loudoun Brewing Company brewed at BHB so you can get the exact beer there! 


Cutthroat Common (5% ABV)

This is a west coast style called “California Common” also known as “Steam beer” It is unique in its use of U.S. Northern Brewer hops having a minty/woody quality that when combined with a simple malt bill produces an 


Bulldog English Pale Ale (6% ABV)

A wonder marriage of malt and earthy hops with a nice moderate mellow bitterness. Moderately light carbonation with a wonderful deep copper color. We used all English malt and hops for a truly English ale. (R) 

Sassy Sarah’s Sour Citra Saison (5.8% ABV)

Our house saison kettle soured and the a lot of Citra hops in the boil. Super tart and very refreshing on a hot summer day!. (R) 

Barnhouse Berliner Weisse (3.0% ABV)

A pale, very light body, low alcohol (3% ABV) German wheat beer that is sour and tart. It can be drank straight (with no flavorings) which provides a slight grainy malt flavor. However, it is typically served with sweet flavored syrups to complement the sourness\tartness (R) 

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