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Full Moon Tripel ™


Our Tripel is strong but it has a relatively light body and that signature Belgian character you get from the yeast.  Belgians traditionally use “candi sugar” to increase alcohol but not increase the body.  We make our own candi sugar from organic cane sugar which lends a very slight sweetness to this beer that may make you howl at the moon!


Style : Belgian Tripel

Alc.  : 9.5%     IBUs 34    SRM 4

Hops : Pearle, Saaz

Malts : Pils, Aromatic, Candi Sugar, Flaked Baley

Good Gourd O'Mighty Pumpkin Ale ™


This is our seasonal Pumpkin ale.  We use English and Munich malts for a strong malty backbone along with fresh roasted local pumpkins .  It’s moderately hopped but still balanced toward the malt.  We “dry spice” the ale with cinnamon sticks and fresh sliced ginger.



Style : Vegatable Beer

Alc.  : 6.3%     IBUs 26    SRM 8

Hops : Pearle

Malts : 2 row, Munich, CaraRed, Pumpkin

Piedmont Smoked Porter ™


In my continuing quest to expose people to smoked beers, here is a version of our regular porter with beechwood smoked malt from Bamberg, Germany replacing some of the pale malt. The smoke profile is not very strong and goes great with any grilled foods. Enjoy!


Style : Smoked Beer

Alc.  : 5%     IBUs 24    SRM 25

Hops : Columbus

Malts : English Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Smoked Pale

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